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Pet Products

Explore ISEMIPET’s range of quality-assured pet products. Ideal for wholesalers, distributors, and importers seeking customizable solutions

High-Absorbency Disposable Underpads

Durable and absorbent underpads designed for pets and people. Perfect for wholesalers needing reliable and effective protection solutions.

Dog Waste Bag by ISEMIPET 92
Eco-Friendly Pet Waste Bag , Dog Poop Bag

Leak-proof, biodegradable bags designed for easy and sanitary pet waste disposal. Great for bulk purchases by eco-conscious businesses.

Elizabethan Collar from ISEMIPET (1)
Protective Elizabethan Collar

Lightweight and adjustable collar to prevent pets from aggravating wounds or surgical sites. Ideal for wholesale suppliers focused on pet health and recovery.

Dried Mealworms from ISEMIPET 35
Nutritious Dried Mealworms

High-protein, natural treat for birds, reptiles, and small animals. Essential for wholesalers in the pet food industry.

At ISEMIPET, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of high-quality pet products designed to meet the diverse needs of pet supplies distributors, importers, and wholesalers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product you receive is reliable, durable, and customizable to your brand’s specifications.

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Biodegradable Natural Cat Litter: Sustainable and Highly Effective

Offer your customers biodegradable natural cat litter that provides a green alternative without compromising on quality.

Corn Cat Litter from ISEMIPET 1

Eco-Friendly and Highly Absorbent Tofu Cat Litter

Offer your business clients tofu cat litter that is biodegradable and provides excellent odor control.

Private Label Cat Litter from ISEMIPET 7

Sustainable and Odor-Free Corn Cat Litter

Provide a renewable, biodegradable option with our corn cat litter, perfect for effective odor control.

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Natural and Chemical-Free Plant Cat Litter

Supply your business clients with plant-based cat litter that ensures a healthy and safe environment for pets.

Cat Litter from ISEMIPET 16

Bentonite Cat Litter with Natural Ingredients

Provide your customers with bentonite cat litter that offers excellent clumping and natural odor control.

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Your Trusted Partner in Premium Pet Supplies

Explore our high-quality, eco-friendly products designed to meet the needs of pet product wholesalers worldwide.


Reliable Quality

Consistent, high-quality products that ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainable materials and practices for a greener planet and healthier pets.


Custom Packaging

Tailor-made packaging solutions to enhance your brand’s visibility and appeal.


Competitive Pricing

Cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, boosting your profit margins.

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Bulk Dried Mealworms: Economical and Nutritious Pet Treats

Provide an economical option for pet nutrition with our bulk dried mealworms, ideal for larger scale needs.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Premium Dried Mealworms: High-Protein Treats for Healthier Pets

Supply your clients with premium dried mealworms that offer a nutritious and natural snack for pets.

Dog Waste Bag by ISEMIPET 92

Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Our biodegradable dog poop bags are designed for environmentally conscious businesses, offering a eco-friendly solution for pet waste management.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Extra-Strong Dog Poop Bags

Our heavy-duty dog poop bags are built to withstand tough cleanups, providing a dependable option for pet waste management that your clients can rely on.


Premium Disposable Underpads: Max Absorbency and Ultimate Comfort

Our premium disposable underpads offer superior absorbency and comfort, providing a reliable solution for pet care needs.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Disposable Underpads for Pets: Reliable Protection for Pets and Homes

Our disposable underpads provide exceptional absorbency and leak-proof protection, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for pets.


Adjustable Elizabethan Collars: Gentle Protection with Maximum Comfort

Adjustable Elizabethan collars provide a customizable fit for pets of all sizes, combining effective protection with ease of use, making them an ideal choice for veterinary practices and pet retailers.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Premium Elizabethan Collars: Comfort and Protection for Post-Surgery Pets

Premium Elizabethan collars are designed to offer maximum comfort and protection for pets recovering from surgery or injuries, ensuring they heal without hindrance. Comfort and Care Combined

Customizable Solutions for Pet Products

We offer private label options to help you create products that align with your brand.


Quality Assured Pet Products

Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards.


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