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Meet Our
Scented Cat litter,Perfumed For Extra Performance


Peach Scented Cat Litter

Provides a sweet, fruity, and inviting scent


Green Tea Scented Cat Litter

Offers a light, fresh, and slightly herbal aroma


Lavender Scented Cat Litter

Known for its calming properties

Featured Bentonite Cat Litter by ISEMIPET (2)

Baby Powder Scented Bentonite Litter

A scent that evokes cleanliness and comfort

Featured Bentonite Cat Litter by ISEMIPET (2)

Ocean Breeze Scented Cat Litter

Ocean Breeze: Evokes a fresh, coastal aroma

natural ingredient Corn Cat Litter by ISEMIPET 5

Scented Cat Litter

Scented Bentonite Cat Litter: Ideal for pet owners who prefer an added layer of odor control

Cat Litter from ISEMIPET 46

Why Choose Scented Cat Litter?

Pure and Simple Solutions for Your Wholesale

Enhanced Odor Control
Multiple Scent Options
Continuous Freshness
Hypoallergenic Options






Times Absorption Rate


Happy Clients

Instant Clumping Tofu Litter

Our tofu cat litter clumps instantly, making cleanup quick and hassle-free, saving time and effort for your customers.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Green Tea Tofu Litter

Made from natural tofu, our litter is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, appealing to eco-conscious customers.

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Cat Litter from ISEMIPET 12
plant cat litter by ISEMIPET

Eco-Friendly & Green Plant Cat Litter

Say goodbye to odors and mess—embrace the power of nature with our highly absorbent, eco-conscious cat litter that your cat will love.

Tofu Cat Litter from ISEMIPET

Innovative & Efficient Plant-based Litter

Enjoy a cleaner, greener home with our ultra-absorbent, biodegradable cat litter made from renewable plant materials.

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